Your dog and cat are special individuals, with quirks and habits specific to their personalities.  At NYC Dog Walk, we encourage your pets to grow and creatively express their NATURAL instincts to play and explore. Our pet care professionals are affectionate and committed to fostering a nurturing environment for your dogs to have fun. We’re here to earn your trust, and open communication with you is a valued element in helping us facilitate a socially wonderful environment for your dog. Here are some of our dog walking policies

Before we walk your dog – At a predetermined time, your trained dog walker will come pick up your dog at your home. Note: We do require a set of your home keys so that we can easily pick up and drop off your dog without bothering you at work.   

During the dog walk – Our dog walker will take your dog for a walk based on your preferences; you can decide where you want us to walk your dog and for how long. Your dog will stay hydrated and happy, exercising to their heart’s content as they roam the city streets sniffing for new adventures. Your dog will always be accompanied by our dog walker, serving to make sure that your dog stays away from dangerous objects (such as garbage on the pavement, fast-riding cyclists, skateboarders, etc). We do ask that you provide us with a leash; this keeps your dog and the community safe.

If the weather is unusual, our dog walker will keep your dog outside for as long as it’s comfortable. During the winter, we ask that you please leave a coat or some sort of garment so that when we take your dog out for a walk, they may remain warm and cozy. For the summer, our dog walker will bring water along so that your dog stays hydrated and cool. We’ll also pick shady areas for walks, keeping a trained eye on your pet to make sure that they’re always comfortable.   

If your dog displays signs of illness, we’ll contact you immediately and take appropriate actions in a timely manner. Our staff is trained to react in emergency situations, and we’ll bring your pet to a veterinarian as fast as possible, making sure that your dog remains comfortable. If your dog is taking prescriptions, or suffers from any medical conditions or allergies, please be sure to let us know beforehand.  

After we walk your dog – Once we bring your dog home, we’ll make sure that the temperature inside the house is comfortable. If your dog is hungry, we’ll feed them, making sure that there’s fresh water in their bowls. We can also leave a light on for owners who get back home after dark. For those who request it, we’ll be happy to leave a little note detailing what went on during the walk so that you know how your dog’s day went. Take a look at our affordable dog walking and cat visiting rates.

We’ll always discuss our policies with you in detail, so that you may feel comfortable and confident in our abilities. We love dogs, and we’ll care for yours as though they’re ours, taking every precaution to keep them safe, happy and healthy.

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