Local Dog Groomers

You can get professional grooming service for your dog in your own neighborhood. When you sign on for a dog walking service you get access to the full range of the treatments and services available through your dog walking company. Many companies come equipped with comfortable facilities that include spa-like treatment options and experienced trainers and groomers to care for your dog. The next time your dog walker comes to take out your dog ask them to swing your dog by the facility where they can get relaxing pet service in NYC that will leave them looking and feeling great. Whether you want your dog looking great, or think they deserve some pampering, you’ll be surprised at the difference a day of high quality grooming can make on your dog’s demeanor.

Don’t overlook the importance of grooming to the health of your dog. Pet owners need to make sure that a dog’s coat, or outer layer of fur, has been properly trimmed and treated to be at a comfortable length for the climate. A dog’s fur and skin require special attention depending on the breed and health of the dog to prevent skin injury or infection. Overgrown coats can cause skin irritation or mask the presence of harmful parasites. To prevent any of these problems make sure that in addition to coat trimming you are regularly washing and cleaning your dog with shampoos and washes. Going to a professional groomer is a great option for getting all of these services done at one time and treating your dog well.

The next time your dog is due for a cleaning or trimming reach out to your dog walker. Instead of going through the trouble of grooming your dog by yourself, your dog walker can bring your dog to a professional grooming service that will do everything for you. Dog groomers for the East Village work in conjunction with your dog walker to handle all aspects of your dog’s care. These groomers are conveniently located in your own neighborhood so that your walker can come to your home, take your dog for a walk, bring them to grooming center to be cared for, and finally bring them back home to you.

You can get both dog grooming and walking in NYC provided by the same service. This is a hassle-free way to care for your dog without having to go out of your way to find both independent dog groomers and dog walkers.