Healthy Dog Walking

Dogs need an abundant amount of exercise in order to retain their fitness and health. It is normally recommenced that dogs get at least one (some dogs may require a minimum of two) half hour walks a day to keep their energy levels up and their body healthy. Unfortunately many pet owners are occupied during the day and are either two busy or too tried to give their dogs the full attention they deserve. If you neglect to walk your dog over a long period of time it could have serious negative effects on their health. To make sure that your dog is getting the routine exercise it needs, hire a walking service NYC pet owners can turn to without disrupting their own busy schedules.

New York City dog walkers will come to your home and take your dog for walks when you are unable to do so yourself. Your dog will appreciate the attention, as daily exercise is critical for dog’s long-term health. Walking improves a dog’s digestion, behavioral control, sleep patterns, as well as overall fitness. Regular walks are the best way to keep your dog active and healthy. But don’t follow the same routine too closely; professional dog walkers like to switch up the routes they take dogs on because it stimulates awareness and attention in the dogs. Dog walkers also like to incorporate games and focus based activities for your dog into the walks to keep them interested and thinking.

Your dog walker is up to the challenge of making sure that your dog gets it necessary daily exercise. Professional dog walkers realize that every dog needs a unique walk based on their health conditions. Similar to a physical trainer a dog walker will rotate your dog on a walk program that will expose them to different routes and patterns. As well, your dog walker understands that an important part of health and dog walking NYC service, requires keeping your dog safe. Professional dog walkers keep your dog healthy by using leashes and collars to control pushy dogs. This can be helpful for keeping your dog out of harm’s way of foot traffic or unsafe environments like recently fertilized grass patches that can contain skin irritants to your dog.

The best way to maintain your dog’s health if you cannot be around to walk your dog is to turn to dog walkers for NYC pet owners. NYC dog walkers will take your dog on its regularly scheduled walks when you can’t make it, or establish a consistent walking pattern with your dog.