NYC Dog Walk

We use ORGANIC shampoos and conditioners so that your dog and cat remains healthy. Our on-site groomer is an expert in her field, with 12 years of experience to her name. She will take care of your pets, making sure that they’re comfortable during grooming treatments.

Grooming prices: Our pet grooming SERVICES are customized to fit the needs of your dog and cat.

Pet Grooming SERVICES:

Teeth brushing - $15

Give your dog and cat a shiny and bright smile! Our groomer will check your pet’s oral hygiene, making sure that their teeth are clean and healthy so that your dog and cat can give you sweet kisses.

Deodorizing - $20

Your pets love to play, and sometimes they’ll pick up an unpleasant odor. Have your pet be at their best and most presentable by treating them to our deodorizing therapy. Our groomer will find and remove the source of the odor so that your dog and cat will return home smelling wonderful.

Tick and flea treatment - $25

To make sure that your pet is at their most comfortable, take them to our tick and flee treatment. Our groomer will gently and thoroughly examine your pet’s body and fur to find and remove hidden ticks and fleas.

Additional Pet Grooming SERVICES:

Cream rinses – Let your dog and cat luxuriate in a creamy bath that will help clean their fur and put some bounce back into their steps. Our groomer will soothingly wash your pet, showering them with attention and care. Remember, the shampoos and conditioners that we use are all ORGANIC so that you pet remains naturally healthy.

Dematting – Pets will be pets, and as they roll around playing all day, their fur can get matted and tangled. Put the shine and health back into your pet’s fur by treating them to our simple dematting treatment.

Ear cleaning – To keep those ears perky and working, take your dog and cat to our East Village shop for an ear cleaning treatment. It will lessen their chance of getting an ear infection and ensure they live a healthier life.

Gland expression – Anal gland expression will help your pet get rid of foul odor. Our procedure is very safe, and our groomer has experience in using external pressure to gently cleanse your pet’s anal passageways.

Manicure and Pedicure – Get those claws and paws clipped and beautified! Getting the dirt out from underneath those nails and trimming them will allow your dog and cat to be more comfortable while walking or running. You can also freely pick up your pet without worrying about scratches.

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