How long has NYC Dog Walk been in business?

We have been in business for six years, and have been incorporated for the last five. Our shop is conveniently located in Lower Manhattan. Check out our pet care and grooming SERVICES.

What areas do you service?

For your convenience, we service all pet owners who live in Manhattan. Our shop is located in the East Village area, so feel free to drop by any time.

What does your shop offer?

Our East Village shop has a variety of products, ranging from accessories (leashes, beds, pillows, toys, etc.) to pet food. Our merchandises are NATURAL, and ORGANIC because we want your dog and cats to have the best diet; good nutrition can help extend the lifespan of your pets so they can spend more time with you. For those living in the East Village area, we do offer free food delivery. For those in other areas of Manhattan, we can deliver your food for just a small $5.00 fee. Feel free to come visit us, or give us a call to place your order.

Are you bonded and insured?

Yes, we are. For the safety of your dog and your home, we are bonded and insured. Feel free to ask us for a copy of proof, or give us a call to learn more about our policies.

Will you pick up my dog at my home?

Yes, we will. This is about accommodating your scheduling needs and answering your questions about our SERVICES. By meeting at your home, you get to see us interact with your dog and cat and decide if we’re the right company for you. Once you request our service, we do ask that you allow us to make a copy of your keys. This is so that we may easily pick up and drop off your dog easily.

Will my dog get personalized attention and care? 

Definitely! Personalized service is a cornerstone of our business philosophy. Even during dog walks, we keep the pack to a minimum; we don’t take more than 3 dogs on a group walk. We make sure that your dog gets along with others, and you’re always free to request individual walks. Our dog walkers are experienced in caring for multiple dogs, so each animal will still get showered with individual attention.

Will my dog be on a leash?

Yes. For the safety of your dog and the community, your dog has to be on a leash. Except for when we go for run in a dog park, we will always keep your dog on a leash. They’ll still get to explore the streets, make new friends (of both the human and animal kinds), and freely exercise their leg muscles. To have a better understanding of what goes on during a walk, take a look at our dog walking policies.

What if my dog is aggressive?

Dogs like to play, and that’s perfectly normal. However, if your dog displays aggressive tendencies towards humans, we can’t walk your dog. For a behavioral assessment of your dog, call us to see if we’re the right company for you.

How do you discipline dogs?

Though we can help reinforce what your dog has learned in training, we don’t discipline dogs. Should the occasion warrant it, our walkers will use a soothing voice and gentle hand to keep your dog under control. Otherwise, we’re happy to let your dog freely discover the neighborhood.

What if my dog gets sick while under your care?

Before we start our service, we’ll always discuss a precautionary plan of action with you. If you dog does show signs of illness during a walk, we will contact you immediately and will bring your pet to the nearest veterinarian for proper medical treatment. Keeping your dog happy and healthy is important to us because we treat every dog as if they’re our own. Take a look at our dog walking policies, and call us with any questions.

Can you take my dog to other places, such as the vet or the groomer?

At our convenient location in the East Village, we provide pet grooming SERVICES to help keep your dog beautiful and comfortable. For other visits, we’ll work to accommodate your schedule so your dog gets the best possible care. Take a look at NYC Dog Walk’s list of complete pet care SERVICES or just give us a call.

What are your holiday rates?

NYC Dog Walk operates year round. For holidays, we do charge extra fees for dog walking SERVICES. Please take a look at our service rates for more detailed information.

What are your cancellation policies?

We have a 24-hour cancellation policy. If you’ve made an appointment and circumstances suddenly change, let us know.

What types of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, checks, and all major credit cards.

When do I make payments?

For your convenience, you can pay at the end of the week.