About Us

Our mid-sized family of dedicated dog walkers, knowledgeable staff, and thoughtful groomers are trained to care for your dogs and cats.

We provide friendly and professional services to help keep your furry friends happy and healthy. With us, you can always rely on:

Friendly and professional care.

We understand that your dog and cat is precious to you, so we make sure our pet caretakers are experienced, compassionate, and responsible. It’s more than just walking your dog, we make it our priority to develop a compatible relationship with both you and your pet. Before we start your SERVICES, we will meet and consult with you regarding your dog’s habits. For a more in-depth understanding of our policies, take a look at our dog walking policies.

Convenient scheduling. We’re here to make your life easier. Whether you’re working late or just wanting to have some quiet time to relax, our dog walkers can help. You can choose to use our service for as long as you need us; each session can be purchased separately so that can call us on your schedule or you can sign up for regular  5 days per week visits.

Grooming your dog and cat is avialble to you with at 10% discount at our ORGANIC and ALL NATURAL dog spa when you sign up for 5 walk per week. Pick up and drop off can be scheduled around your dog walking needs. At our East Village  ORGANIC and ALL NATURAL shop, we carry a large variety of high quality pet food, and we offer delivery SERVICES for your convenience.

Personalized care. We understand that every dog and cat is different, so feel free to tell us of any special habits or quirks that your little friend has. We are here to make friends with your friend, so that while you’re away at work, your dog or cat can still be active and healthy. Once you return home, you’ll find a note from us detailing how your dog did that day. Be sure to let us know of any special requests.

Our goal here at NYC Dog Walk is to save you time and energy so that you can have more playtime with your dog and cat. We’ll provide that extra spark of attention and love so that even if you’re busy at work, your pet will still be showered with affection.